St. Gerasimos Narthex

A Community of the Apostolic Johannite Church

Johannite Spirituality

Many of us seek a real spiritual community which is loving, inclusive, spiritually lively and empowering of people of all genders, races and sexualities, both rich and poor.

The Johannite tradition represents just such a community: founded by Saint John the beloved disciple of Jesus, rooted in the tradition of John the Baptist and guided by direct, experiential contact with the Divine, this Johannite tradition encourages personal responsibility and freedom of thought and practice.

The Apostolic Johannite Church is a global network of Johannite communities that focus on supporting individual and direct experience of the Divine through fellowship, meditation and prayer, service and ritual, lively discussion and study. <more>

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St. Gerasimos is a Narthex of the Apostolic Johannite Church, an esoteric, gnostic, Christian communion within the historic Apostolic Succession, serving the community of State College, PA. All are welcome to experience Johannite Spirituality through educational discussion, meditation and various ministries. Whether you are simply curious or have rooted interest, take the opportunity to share your journey, meet others and explore Gnosticism!

AJC Principles

We affirm that there is one Great, Unknowable, and Ineffable Godhead that made manifest the Universe through Emanation and that while the Universe is contained within this Divine Godhead, the Godhead transcends it. <more>